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What is lacking from my never ceasing college career are the moments of clarity: to think, to process, to keep and let go. And even though it’s difficult to wake up early and coming home late, the silence of the bus and sounds of the city are all that are needed to drift into thought.

One of the few places of quiet reprieve from the busy day is, ironically but not surprisingly, on a train. Different lives with different destinations intersecting briefly without a word to be said. And though some will be on their phones playing Candy Crush, many more will be smiling, drifting into thought and simply silent.

We need this. We need the silence in our lives; the moments of not having to fill every second with people talking and just being quiet with ourselves. Process your day before you step on campus and understand what happened after you leave. Always reassess your goals and dreams to help you on your way and take that moment to rest in our hurried world. Sometimes the answer is in front of our eyes if we take a second to stop, breathe and think.

To be fair, these moments can come anywhere and not just during a commute. It can be present in the shower where you solve life’s fundamental problems or as you lay in bed falling asleep. Taking time for yourself does not have to be a full day excursion, but a 5 minute walk around the campus green every few hours or playing with your cat.

Imgur once showed me that if you hold a glass of water high above your head for a minute, you will certainly be fine. If you hold it for an hour, your arm will be in pain, and if for a day, it will be paralyzed. Those moments to think will help you ease away the stress and worry of life. Sometimes that moment of clarity will help you lessen your burden and put down the proverbial cup of stress.

And sometimes, if you need to get away, a bus ride is all it takes. Well, here’s my stop, I’ll catch you guys later.

Romer Jed Medina

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