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Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) is an organization committed to
empowering the lives of the underprivileged, unraveling one’s true hidden potential,
and impacting the world through the awareness of STEM (Science, Technology,
Engineering, and Mathematics). Founded in 1974, SHPE has grown from two small
student chapters in Los Angeles to an organization that has influenced individuals
across the nation, even reaching several countries outside the United States. Today,
NJIT holds their own student chapter which proudly accommodates the needs of
those who not only long for academic success, professional networking, and selfgrowth, but are categorized as minorities within their communities.

When individuals invest their time attending SHPE general meetings, they are
instantly recognized as familia. Seminars, workshops, and conferences are
strategically planned to develop leadership skills, as well as support students who
try to obtain competitive internships or co-ops. Several of our members have been
fortunate enough to gain valuable experience working for Fortune 500 companies
during the summer, after taking advantage of the resources provided by SHPE. While
the word “Hispanic” is built into its name, SHPE welcomes members from all ethnic
backgrounds, promoting an atmosphere of richly diversified culture. Whereas other
clubs may solely depend on social gatherings and activities to properly function, we
put academics at the peak of our agenda. Tutoring is available to all members within
our family, ranging from low level Humanities to the most challenging mathematics
and engineering courses provided at NJIT. SHPE strengthens the foundation which
successful careers are built upon, ensuring a steady ride on the road to success.
Before the fall semester was underway, the organization prepared itself for
an unforgettable year filled with guest speakers, volunteering, and networking
opportunities. We have incorporated several events that were extremely successful
in the past such as the Hispanic Heritage Month Opening Ceremony, Havana Night,
Día de Ciencias (Family Science Day), and the SHPE National Conference. The Young
Latino Leadership Conference is a new event planned for the fall, which is
engineered for high school and college students (ages 15-20) and is filled with
motivational speakers, mentorship opportunities, and leadership workshops. Guest
speakers from Cisco, Verizon Wireless, Hatch Mott McDonald, and Inroads have also
been confirmed to speak at our meetings. Representatives who come from these
companies and several others will be leading discussions on the skillsets required to
excel in today’s competitive job market.

SHPE is extraordinarily devoted to breaking stereotypes found within
minorities in America. A recent study published in the Washington Post confirmed
that Hispanic High School graduates have statistically passed their White
counterparts in the national college enrollment rate (Hispanics 69% – White 67%).
While news of this may seem shocking to most, it is no surprise that Latinos are
urgently seeking to improve themselves through academic success. With this in
mind, they are still lagging behind Whites on important higher education measures.
For instance, people of Hispanic descent are less likely to enroll in a four-year college.

They are also less likely to enroll full-time or complete a bachelor’s degree.  This is exactly where the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers seeks to stimulate change. We understand the necessities, and have established SHPE Jr. Chapters in local high schools where mentoring and college preparation take place. Two Family Science Day events have been planned to start Mid-October and will be hosted at Science Park and Newark Tech High Schools. The goal is to inspire students to apply to four-year colleges, learn the tricks to take full advantage of financial aid, and pursue a degree in STEM. There is no possible way NJIT-SHPE can make a difference with its e-board alone. It is by the quality and strength of our members that we can genuinely make a difference in our communities. As the demand for skilled professionals within STEM continues to steadily rise, the urgency to fill these positions becomes critical. Come be a part of our family and gain a deeper understanding of what SHPE is all about! We urge all students, faculty, and staff to attend our weekly general meetings held onFridays from 11:30AM – 1:00PM at Kupfrian Hall | Room: 118. Let’s have an unforgettable semester!

John Canela

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