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SAC Event: Newsies: A Broadway Review

Broadway shows are always expensive affairs for poor college students. However, it is something everyone should experience at least once, especially since NJIT is located so close to New York City. Here’s where SAC comes in with an unbeatable deal: Broadway tickets to the hottest shows at less than half the price. Last Sunday, there was a showing of Newsies. SAC sold tickets for only $40 as opposed to the original price of $99. The seats were located pretty close to the stage, near the front left, and offered a great view.

Newsies had a mostly male cast, so the songs were very powerful and masculine. The choreography consisted of many turns, sudden stops, and most of the time, dramatically ended with fists in the air. It was a very acrobatic performance that had the audience jaw-gaping and in awe after every number. Since it was a Disney production, it was sure to be extra dramatic! The dances were a healthy mix of ballet, modern and tap dancing styles. It was very deserving of the 2012 Tony Awards for Best Score and Best Choreography. The songs were also very catchy and Disney-esque. Numbers such as “Santa Fe” and “Seize the Day” kept the audience humming even after the show.

The story takes place in New York in 1899 and is based on the Newsboys Strike of 1899. It follows the story of a group of young orphan boys who have to sell newspapers for a living and hence, are referred to as “newsies”. They have to buy the newspapers from the printing companies, and then resell it to the public. However, they run into a dilemma when the printing companies decide to raise the prices to compensate for declining sales. Led by a strong-willed Jack Kelly, played by Cory Cott, the newsies start a strike for better working conditions. With some help from new friends, including the heroine, Katherine Plumber (played by Kara Lindsay), the newsies are able to turn their simple strike into a full-blown revolution for the rights of all the working children. As all Disney productions go, the ending was as expected, but nothing will be spoiled here!

Broadway shows are a great and fun experience, especially at such a great deal. SAC often has Broadway ticket sales, so try to catch the next show! Tickets will be sold again in November for Matilda.

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