SAC’s Photo Op: Discovering the model in all of us

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SAC’s Photo Op: Discovering the model in all of us

It was pleasantly surprising to see the inner model shining from everyone last Wednesday, when SAC held a photo op event out in front of the Campus Center. Despite the gloomy weather, everyone’s spirits were high. Students lined up to get their photo taken in front of a green screen. The photo was then put onto a magazine cover with the option of People, Newsweek or Rolling Stone. Faline Rezvani and Tiziana Buddle, representing Fun Entertainment, were busy at work making everyone look good and putting them on magazine covers. “In the first hour, there weren’t a lot of people, maybe 5, but later on it started to pick up,” explained Rezvani.

Indeed, it did pick up. Students formed lines with groups of friends and were very pleased with their final product. “I feel awesome! I’m on a freaking magazine cover ‘cause I’m a model!” beamed Donne Damon, a computer science junior sporting SAC’s “this is a FREE event” sign. Gerald Torres, a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering, said “It’s pretty cool: it’s free but you can get something [lasting] out of it. I would do it again, maybe with a bunch of friends next time.” Sophomore biomedical engineering student, William Lau, said “It was really fun. People like to take pictures, so it’s a good opportunity to get a good quality photo.”

SAC member Jon Sweet, was the mastermind behind this successful event. “I wanted to try something new, and I found Fun Entertainment on the Internet. There are a good amount of students who showed up,” said Sweet. Whitney Yang, vice president of SAC, said that this event was “just something fun for students”. “We were supposed to have a hamster ball event, but apparently, it’s illegal in New Jersey, so thank you Jon for coming up with this event!” she said happily.

Fun Entertainment is a company based in Massachusetts that anyone can hire, although they mostly work with colleges in the New England area. Aside from the photo op, they offer other services such as caricatures, airbrushing and printing t-shirts. “It’s our first time working with them, but it’s turning out pretty great,” said Sweet. With a good student turn out and a high satisfaction rate, SAC has done it again, offering everyone a chance to create fun, professional-looking memories. Thank you for bringing out the model in all of us.

“My picture is AWESOME! I took it with my friends Kyle and Ian,” exclaimed an excited Omar Merdan (Bio BS Soph., pictured far left).
“It was my idea,” added Kyle Demarco (ECET Soph., pictured in the middle)
Courtesy of FUN Entertainment
Caption: A few members of the NJIT Robotics club pose with their handmade robots after a parade to celebrate Robot Awareness Day.
Courtesy of FUN Entertainment

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