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Campus Events: Talent Show

On Tuesday November 14, in the Campus Center Ballroom A, a talent show was brewing. The talent show was designed to get the First Year Students involved in campus activities. The freshmen seemed to get the message, arriving in groups to enjoy the show; some were even a part of it. The show was a success, with even non-contestants performing, adding to the event’s good turnout. Members of the Filipino Student Association performed and also asked the audience to keep the Philippines in their prayers due to the hardships they are going through.

The talent show contestants varied, but all were great performers. Some demonstrated karate, while others sang and danced, but all inevitably captured the audience’s love and, in turn, were thanked with thunderous applause. Mike, a second year Electrical Engineering Technology student, was very enthused by the performances. At the end of the show, I asked him which act was his favorite and why. Mike replied, “I loved the Karate man! I’m gonna walk out of here and go learn me some karate! Why did I love it? It’s simple: because karate is awesome!”

As a part of the closing remarks, the M.C. reminded us all that we are awarded for trying (as we have also found to be true with grades in school). In the end, all who participated were winners, each leaving the ballroom one gift card richer.

Carlos Santibanez

Photos by Mengxin He

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