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Phi Beta Sigma Poker Night

Enter Ballroom B around 7pm and the first thing to be seen were three circular tables set up. On the center table they were counting out the chips and checking the decks, making sure everything was ready for poker night. The buy in was $15 with a considerable cash prize for the winner. There were people that had already signed up and paid and those that showed up and paid to play. Excitement was in the air as people split up among the three tables to play poker. It was obvious that some people in attendance were regulars and played often.

The blinds started at 25 and 50 and it was decided that they would double every 5 minutes to ensure that the game would go quickly and not last all night. As the night wore on, the lesser value chips, 25, were replaced with 100s so that no more small bets would be placed. People were knocked out until the remaining few consolidated to one table to play until the last person was left. Some of those that were knocked out earlier started their own game at the other tables.

In the end, it was Vijay Dasari who won with a pair of jacks off a queen jack off suit hand. The money raised goes towards Phi Beta Sigma’s #BeGreat Campaign. This campaign continually raises money and donates to various community services. Their current plan is a contribution to a Christmas toy drive that takes place here in Newark. Frank Lewis, a brother of Phi Beta Sigma who was making sure everything ran smoothly during the event, gives a great thanks to all those that came out and supported the event.

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