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Campus Events: Habitat for Humanity Charity Banquet

The Habitat for Humanity Charity Banquet was held in the Atrium. All the E-board members were dressed in their best. There were pumpkins lining the stage, some quite large. At the tables, there were plenty of board games for everyone to play. This was the Habitat for Humanity club’s signature event. With over 50 people in attendance, it was a successful event. The event kicked off with some introductions of the E-board. Then the president, Ruchi Dattani, gave an inspirational speech on why she decided to start the Habitat for Humanity club on campus. The NJIT chapter is partnered with Habitat for Humanity Newark. They go out and have build days in various places around Newark.

After the speeches, dinner was served. There was even dessert consisting of the better cakes from GDS. After dinner, there was an apple pie eating contest that had only two contestants because everyone else was too stuffed from eating turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing (or were just too scared). Onlookers cheered as the two contestants stuffed their faces with pie. It was a close race. The winner received a gift certificate to Subway. Afterwards, attendees had fun with pumpkin carving, and with more than enough pumpkins to go around, some were even given away.

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