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Apparently, NJIT is called the unhappiest campus in the nation. I beg to differ! We’re filled with students from multiple countries with a colorful assortment of personalities! To prove the nation wrong, I’m starting up this motivational column! I plan to help our students push through the worst times while making the most of their college experience. If you have any questions to ask or need any assistance with school or life feel free to email your thoughts to articles@njitvector.com!

School has just started to pick up. This means you got to keep the workflow moving! The best way to get through balancing work and play is to make a schedule for yourself. Schedules provide organization in your day-to-day life. Try to maintain at least three hours per day for your studies and homework. Take notes. We live in a technological age but the best memory comes from writing those notes into a notebook with your own hands. Writing it creates a type a muscle memory in your head.

All that work can get stressful. Fix this by experiencing the world around you! Keep in touch with friends. If you are ever thinking of an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while, shoot them a text or call. Try to set up a day to catch up and strengthen your bonds. If you don’t make time to be with others, you’ll overload with stress. We are humans and social beings, we require interaction with one another in order to survive.

For the people that think that you’re introverted: you who would rather spend time with yourself, try and take a step back from all that technology and meditate, exercise, or read a book. I understand that social interaction is a huge toll on your bodies, and is very exhausting. Instead, do some self-improving activities that enhance your personal abilities. Go for a walk on the outdoor track. The fresh air will help you feel better. Reading a book enhances one’s vocabulary and thought process, books other than college textbooks still exist you know!

These pieces of advice are just small suggestions to help push you forward and change the pace of your life. Do things to help the present you along with the future you. Be a person who is both fun and interesting! Be open to life, the world is vast. Look up more and you’ll discover the world is fun if you make it fun for yourself.

CK Allas

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