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Greek Luau

It was a bright and sunny day on Wednesday the third of September. The sounds of children playing and wind whistling through the trees covered the campus.

Only, replace the children with fraternities and the trees with blow up palm trees, and the beginnings of a mental picture of what was happening can be achieved.

It was arguably the first major Greek event of the semester. There were a lot of tables on the upper green all decked out with each fraternity’s and sorority’s various displays. Among the decorations were the big wooden letters of Pi Kappa Phi (ΠΚΦ) and Theta Chi (ΘX). There were also refreshments at the luau. No luau would be complete without smoothies and pizza, especially Hawaiian pizza.

While there was some technical difficulty at first, pretty soon smoothies were being churned out left and right. But there was a catch, in order to get the food potential rushes needed to get a “passport” stamped by four different organizations. It led to some people running table to table asking for stamps.

There were games galore. Some organizations were played amongst themselves, throwing a Frisbee or football around. There was even a limbo contest, and it got heated. From the initial crowd of people, it was soon reduced to the masters of limbo. After every peg had been gone through and some close calls and falls, it was left to the judges to hand hold the bar below their waists. These flexible forayers bent down beyond what was thought possible. In the end, Frank Quagliotti from Kappa Xi Kappa (KΞK) got low and won the limbo contest.

Later on there was also a hula hoop contest. People really gyrated those hips, swinging that hula hoop back and forth. Only the most skilled attempted multiple hula hoops; one person was even swinging four or more! There was a sack race and some people fell flat on their face as they tried to run and jump as fast as they could to the finish line.

At the end pizza was given away freely and all the organizations packed up their stuff perhaps having successfully rushed some potential new members.

About The Author

Walter Church IV

Walter Church IV is a third year Computer Engineering Major and a brother of KΞK

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