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The emotional feeling and desire for an event or thing to happen. It is a factor in our lives that keeps us moving forward. We must hold hope within our days and support it along the way. Each passing day, we will have a balance of good and bad events. Some days will be worse than others. Those days, stay strong and hold hope in your hearts. Also, make something that you have been hoping for a reality. Stand up and move forward happily.

Remember: Things could be worse. You could have your leg bitten off by an animal, bungee jump off a ledge and see the cord break, or be in a life-changing car crash. The most amazing part of these horrifying occurrences are the people; when asked about the experience, all smiled, shrugged, and said “I guess things could have been worse.”

So go ahead.

Tell me about the traffic. Tell me about your professor. Tell me how the morning is a bomb waiting to explode and the snooze button is the wire clipped to stop it. Tell me that the 8:30 class stole the keys to your smile, drove it into your class at 100 mph, and totaled your happiness.

Tell me! Tell me!

Tell me, how blessed are we to have tragedies so small it can fit on the tips of our tongues? You see, when the animal bit his leg off, the man was speechless. When my friend was bullied, she couldn’t speak for days on end. When my friend died in a car crash, we had to send a search party to find their best friend’s voice.

Most people don’t realize that tragedy and silence are one and the same. When you think that your days are horrible and question “Why is this happening to me?” with no answer, think about the people who can’t even make that call because they have already decided that the phone line has been cut. So, it doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty, there’s water in the cup. Drink it, and stop complaining.

Strength is created through endurance and practice. The things in life that weigh us down can be persevered through. When you begin to feel weighed to the ground, keep pushing forward until your muscles grow enough to stand tall with your chin held high— call it exercise. When you begin to feel like the wall you have created begins to crumble and break, look at the cracks in the walls and fill them with the remains of what has crumbled and pave it with the pieces that are still here.

Remember, you are still here.

Remember that hope is always alive and that she lives within us. Remember that you are special. Remember that we have hope. Remember that life will be rough but never look for an easy way out because hope will be there to push you forward. If you ever feel alone, she is there for you. Never give up on yourself. Remember to give love to others to receive it. Remember that you need to spread love. Remember that everyone needs love. Remember to always help those that are down. Even if you barely know them, or not know them at all, give the recognition and love. Remember, through all the darkness, despair, and the worst of times, there is always hope.

Remember Hope.

By Erick Allas

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