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Editorial: UGG Life

UGG Australia, whose products are affectionately known to us as UGGs, is a brand famous for their comfortable footwear. They are a common sight during the winter months, as their boots are very warm and inviting.

“They’re so cozy, I love them,” said Amarelis Bracero, our executive editor. “They’re really nice,” agrees Editor in Chief Leonard Angelo-Valenzuela, who loves his UGG slippers.

UGGs rose to infamy in the last decade after Oprah shared that they were one of her favorite items, and subsequently bought upwards of 300 pairs for her entire staff. Originally used to keep surfers’ feet warm in the colder months, the iconic boots have evolved their usage as part of an iconic look involving leggings and a wide variety of sweaters.

However, despite their continued runaway success and widespread popularity, UGGs have evolved to become somewhat of a running joke. While still selling very, very well, buying a pair of UGG boots now comes with some extra baggage that can only be regarded as a social stigma.

In recent years, wearers of UGGs have been described with a new derogatory term: basic. Though the term can take on many meanings, it is most commonly used to refer to people that are perceived as unsophisticated or “simple”. The popular entertainment website CollegeHumor even made a video about the phenomenon: “How to tell if you’re Basic.”

Wear UGGs, love Starbucks, and reference “Mean Girls” all the time? Basic.

On the surface, it appears that the UGG brand only strives to make people happy. Their products are designed with comfort in mind, and essentially serve as the footwear equivalent of sweatpants, albeit very expensive sweatpants.

The female slipper-boot variant is perhaps the least aesthetically pleasing style of footwear mankind has ever known. It’s hard to believe that anyone who owns a pair of UGGs could think that they are fashionable in any way, shape or form. They are large, clunky, and awkward—UGG-ly, so to speak.

Apparently, UGG’s other product lines include fashionable boots, but their cousins, the big brown boots, overshadow their fashionable alternatives. Many women seem to avoid all products with an UGG label, regardless of the style.

A fact not known to many is that UGG actually makes men’s footwear as well. While not famous for their menswear, the company actually makes footwear that is surprisingly good-looking. I myself have been looking at a variant of the slipper, dubbed the Boylan, and I am getting ready to purchase a pair.

If you love UGGs, then do not be ashamed to wear them. Like many other things, the UGG brand has a varied following with people that will tell you that they either love them or hate them. All you need to remember is that you need to do you, despite the white girl jokes.

Amy was vocal in her support of the brand. “I love my UGGs. I don’t give a hoot about what anyone else thinks!”

“Ditto.” Agreed Leonard.

“Yeah, I totes love UGGs,” says I, and by the time this is published, I will be the proud wearer of a pair of UGGs slippers. I will be sipping on an iced venti vanilla latte from Starbucks, and listening to “Sweater Weather” on my Spotify playlist.

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