Humans of NJIT, Week 1 – Spring 2015

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Humans of NJIT, Week 1 – Spring 2015

“I smirk because you can’t harm me physically. Yeah you can yell, but I’ll probably just smirk harder. ” — with Norman Hamilton.

“Easiness doesn’t interest me, I like to be challenged …it only makes me better.And speaking of a challenge.. finding time to learn new songs on my guitar is always a challenge, which is what ill be looking forward to doing in the summer!” — with Mahtab Shahid.

“I was too serious and so I had no fun friends. But I’m better this way than the others who did have all the fun, because now I am doing good in college while they are either working or in a community college.” — with Ahmed Aladly.

“I want to travel and be able to see what the world has in store for me, like an adventure!” — with Adit Patel.

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