On-Campus Opinion: Valentine Grams

Compiled by and Shalom.

Dear Mike, thanks for being my best friend and my other half. You’re the best. I love you! Love, Sam!

Deion, you’re my other half. Love you boo. -Martin

I love you and Happy Valentine’s Day Sumer! -Justin Snelling

Antonette, Happy Valentine’s day! Love Obed.

Hi Jessica… I love you! You are beautiful. -Anonymous

Hi Stephanie…I love you! You are beautiful. -Anonymous

Jonathan Nammour, I think about you when I watch SpongeBob every night. -Anonymous

Sean Plunkett, I dream of the day we’ll listen to Elton John. Xoxo. -Anonymous

I know you’re not going to like that this is in the Vector, but I’ll say it anyway. Thank you for putting up with me. I know that I can be difficult. You make me feel special, and I can’t get enough of you. -John Vito

Norman Hamilton, You are a pain in my arse but I love you loser. You are awesome. -S.G.

Shivang Rastogi, just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and I care about you so much. -S.N.

He is a pain in my bum and my very best friend. Love you, Miggs. -Katy Nyby

Taylor, thanks for being my partner in crime, the yin to my yang, my bestest friend, my twin, my AST sister, but most importantly my soul sister. I couldn’t imagine NJIT without you; can’t wait until the duo takes on the world. -Ina Tubilleja

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