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In an effort to make the Student Affairs committee more open, we are going to start bringing our Question of the Week Responses back to you! See where your opinions fall compared to the rest of the student body. The turnout for our first Question of the Week was great; we received 333 responses!

The charts below convey the details accurately, so take a look. As always, we encourage all students to continue submitting responses to our Questions of the Week! The next Question will be asked on Wednesday, February 18 in the Campus Center Lobby; stay tuned. We may be implementing an incentive program, so keep your eyes peeled.

Question 1: Last semester, how often would you have studied on campus past 11:30pm if study facilities were available?


Question 2: In what areas would you have preferred such facilities be located?


Question 3: What resources are required for these facilities to be effective?

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