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Chi Epsilon: Giving back to the Community

By Alexis Espinosa

With the semester coming to an end, some students can find time to give back to the community. That’s exactly what the students from NJIT’s Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honor Society did on April 18.

On one of the warmest days of the year they volunteered with Hackensack River Keepers to clean the bank of Overpeck Creek in Ridgefield. NJIT alumni joined Chi Epsilon to help protect the ecosystem and the surrounding community. It was a fun and enjoyable experience that brought people together to take care of the homes of wildlife around the area. They were able to clean up around a goose’s nest that was waiting for her eggs to hatch as well as spot a bald eagle’s nest on the other side of the river with the help of a telescope. After a long afternoon everyone came together for a picture and like any other great event for pizza.

Watch out for more volunteering events from Chi Epsilon!


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