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By Vignatha Margam

Every year NJIT welcomes an array of brilliant and talented young individuals and this year is certainly no exception. This September, NJIT opened its doors to one of its most accomplished classes yet. With an average SAT score of 1211 and an average GPA of 3.57, the brand new freshman class has the best stats of any other class ever admitted. Their average SAT score is well above the national average and 19 points higher than last year’s admitted class average of 1192. On top of their superb SAT scores, 85 percent of the new class ranked in the top half of their high school class- 33 percent of whom were in the top ten percent.

Not only is the new freshman class the most competive group to be accepted but it is the largest class that NJIT has ever seen with a total of 1054 new freshman attending this fall. Although the population is still skewed with 78 pecent males and 22 percent females, the size and calibre of the new class speaks to the diversity in the breadth and depth of the talents of the incoming class. The new class is a testimony to NJIT’s already motivated and hard-working student body. It is often seen as a small school but this year is a big step forward for NJIT toward gaining attention for much more than its size. This new group shines (much needed) light onto the more significant aspects of NJIT like its study conducive atmosphere and the immensly focused students that attend here. This new freshman class- exceptionally dedicated and brimming with amazing potential- is sure to raise the school to even higher land.

Adding to the large size and scope of the new class is the diversity of its members. This semester, NJIT received students everywhere from Wyoming to Burkina Faso. There are students from almost twenty different states in the United States and thirty various countries. Representation from so many areas of the world means an opportunity to branch out and learn a lot from one another. They are a class that has already arrived with many high credentials and coming together will provide them a tremendous potential to achieve great things as a whole. After all, when so many brilliant people come together, great things are bound to happen.






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