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One of the most difficult parts of college, are those dreaded Math GURs (General University Requirements). Here at NJIT, students are held to a very high standard of Math proficiency. To some, it comes quick, easy, and painlessly.

For those of you who find it extremely difficult to keep up and stay on track, Wolfram Alpha could be the tool that turns your life around. WolframAlpha is a giant, online search engine that has many uses.

You probably will encounter a math problem at some point in your life that you may struggle to solve. Well, WolframAlpha can do the cracking for you. You can plug in integrals, derivatives, and pretty much any complex equation and Wolfram will spit out an answer for you. In addition to that, it has a paid feature which shows you how they got from the beginning of the problem to the answer, so you can learn how to get that type of question right the next time around.

Wolfram also offers a large base of information in topics besides math, ranging in language, history, art, music, education, and a whole lot more. The interface is extremely simple; you just type a question in, in real words or numbers, and it will do it’s best to analyze the question to the best of its ability and give you a response. You can check out their website, http://www.wolframalpha.com/ for more details as to what it can and cannot do. WolframAlpha is a great tool to help you succeed in school; make sure you do your best to utilize it to its fullest potential.

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