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Building Your Personal Brand

Building Your Personal Brand

By Micaela Itona

If you were stuck in the elevator with the CEO of Apple, Google, or Cisco Systems, what would you say?

Allison Fink of Hearst Magazines says you need an Elevator Pitch: a pitch in which you should be able to recite your name, school, field or major, a highlight of your career thus far, and what you’re looking forward to in your future. This is one of the many tips about creating your personal brand presented at the Honors Colloquium ‘Personal Brand: Making it Work For You.’ This was organized in conjunction with Career Development Services (CDS).

What even IS a personal brand in the first place? Studies show it takes approximately two minutes for someone you meet for the first time to decide whether or not they like you, and about eight minutes for that impression to lock in. Your personal brand is the first impression: what do people think, say, and know about you when you are not around; it is the aura you radiate when you enter a room.

It is easy to forget, especially at a polytechnic university, that we have to be able to communicate effectively to colleagues in our field. Being able to communicate who you are and your mission is as key to your success as your education. Building your image, reputation, skill set, and goals is something we can all take the initiative to do.

For more information on creating a resume, building your personal brand, or just learning effective communication skills, drop by CDS in Campbell Hall or visit their website at


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