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By Babatunde Ojo

NJIT’s School of Management (SOM) brings students the opportunity to establish themselves as technological leaders, managers and financially literate individuals who can leave the university with confidence in what they can bring to the outside world. Founded in 1988, the school has been nameless for all of its 27 years, which will come to change on March 3, 2016, when the school will be brandished with the name of “The Martin Tuchman School of Management”.

Earning his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from NJIT in 1962, Tuchman came into his own when he and his colleague Warren Serenbetz founded Interpool in 1968 and formed Trac Lease in 1987 with both businesses being nationally recognized. NJIT President Joel Bloom has close connections with Tuchman and claims that he exemplifies what students need to understand when combining technology, business and life to form a well-balanced trifecta that is necessary to succeed.

Tuchman’s reputation speaks for itself, as you won’t find such an avid alumnus who has supported NJIT far beyond his years of graduation, yet still keeps an innovative and positive mindset. He has received the Alumni of the Year Award in ’96, served as a member of NJIT’s Board of Trustees for several years, and is a current member of the Board of Overseers. He also donated funds towards scholarships and other causes.

Now with a name to recognize, NJIT students can look to Tuchman’s achievements and philanthropic history to see the kind of change they can make in their own ventures under the SOM.

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