A Wing for a Win: GDS Hosts Second Annual Hot Wing Eating Contest

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By Holly Junice

Thursday, February 4, marked the back-to-back victory for Kareem Fayek at the Hot Wing Eating Contest hosted in the Warren Street Student Lounge.

The competition was heated, but not quite as hot as the wings served by NJIT’s Gourmet Dining Services (GDS.) It was confirmed the temperature level of the wings was raised from medium to hot after the previous competition seemed too easy. Nonetheless, the temperature of the wings did not hinder the eating ability of the winners.

Participants were given a pan of fifty wings and had ten minutes to eat as many hot wings as they could. In those ten minutes, the eight contestants forced down the flaming chicken through sweat and tears… literally. The temperature became too intense for some and they slowed down.

There was no slowing down for Fayek until he held up his fiftieth and final wing, looked into the cameras of the crowd, and ate his way to victory with approximately twenty seconds to spare. This was his second time completing this challenge with as much ferocity as the first which was last year’s wing eating challenge.

Second place went to Lyndon Laxina for eating thirty-six wings in the ten minutes. Third place went to Minh Pham for eating twenty-nine wings. All of the contestants were rewarded for their participation with being able to bring home their leftover wings, except for the victor Fayek who had already eaten every last one of his.

Be on the lookout for more chances to participate in hot wing challenges and maybe you could be the next time champ. If hot food is not your cup of tea, then feel free to come out and support your friends and classmates and watch the competition get heated.

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