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Homework is an essential part of learning. It helps to reinforce what is taught in lectures and generally counts toward the final grade. Thus it is important to stay on track and submit them on time. Some students turn to day planners or to-do lists to track their assignments, but these methods can lack the digital availability and features of a dedicated homework tracking app. This is where myHomework comes to the rescue.

myHomework is an app which first appeared in 2009 to help students track their homework assignments. It currently stands as one of the most popular homework tracking apps with over 1 million downloads on Android alone. Upon installing the app and setting up an account, the user is able to add all their classes for the current semester.

Once the user has added a class they are able to begin adding individual homework assignments to that class. myHomework supports several fields such as title, due date, due time, and priority but not all fields are required. One very useful field is the reminder field where the user can set to be notified that their homework is due. The time between the reminder and the due date and time can be adjusted by the user using a default app-wide setting as well as a setting for each individual assignment. The type field can also be helpful to the user; by properly categorizing each homework assignment, the user can quickly estimate the amount of time needed to complete the assignment (e.g. an assignment categorized as “presentation” will probably take longer to complete than one categorized “homework”).

myHomework comes in two flavors: a free version and a paid version. The free version contains advertisements and fewer features, but it is still a very useful tool. At a cost of $4.99 per year (as of recently), the paid version is a worthwhile upgrade for users who find themselves restricted by the reduced features of the free version or who feel they would benefit from the additional features.

For more information on myHomework Student Planner, go to or search “myHomework” on the Play Store, App Store, or Microsoft Store.

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