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“What are you most looking forward to this summer?”

Hasan Intisar

CS, Class of 2019

“Not having classes and going to the beach. Traveling! I want to go to Montreal, Virginia Beach, and maybe Ocean City, MD.”

Amanda Contino

CS, Class of 2019

“My birthday and the beach, in equal amounts!”

Brigen Patel

Architecture, Class of 2019

“I’m doing 2 things – I’m going to be taking classes this summer so I can graduate early, and I’ll be volunteering at my temple in Robbinsville, NJ. It’s exciting because I’ll be doing a lot of designing and architecture work, and it’s for a bigger cause. It’s combining my passion for art with my passion for religion!”

Herve Wamba

Construction Engineering Technology, Class of 2018

“I want to take classes, and I’m also working. My summer will just be working and school – I’m going to try to enjoy it but I have so much to do!”

Stephanie Harding

Biology, Minor in History, Class of 2017

“Graduation! And I only have 15 more credits to get my Master’s!”



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