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On Campus Opinion: Favorite Summer Activity

“What’s your favorite summer activity?”


Nicholas Skific

Mech E – HV/AC, Class of 2020

“Chilling – chilling at home in air conditioning. That’s why I’m in HV/AC.”


Lukaz Sikora

Mech E, Class of 2020

“Going to the beach – just like soaking up the sun and laying in the sand is pretty nice. I know a lot of people don’t like it, but I like getting sand in my feet.”


Kalyani Velamuri

Business, Class of 2017

“Going out for a run – it just makes you feel lighter. Or reading books, I do that a lot!”


Laniyyah Elam

Business Administration, Class of 2017

“Soccer, for sure. I’m really active, and I get to lose some weight, and it’s my favorite thing ever.”


Jenan Abu-Hakmeh

Business, Class of 2019

“Hiking. I just love hiking in general, and the summer has the most promising weather. I don’t have to worry about studying or classes, so I can go every weekend!”


Frances Cabrera

Engineering Science, Class of 2019

“Probably paint-balling with friends!”


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