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What does motivation look like?

Beyond the hills of illustration,

lie the lands filled with motivation.

Over the lake of hibernation,

under mountains of decoration,

spawns you from rehabilitation.


What does motivation sound like?

Echoing bands of stimulation,

insight riots of orchestration.

Harmony bring the combination,

into the ears of publication,

your heart fills with illumination.


What does motivation feel like?

Skin shivers with anticipation,

waiting for upcoming vacations.

Lay the seeds to start fermentation,

stand up; exit your comfort station,

grow your tree of self-pollination.


What does motivation smell like?

Breathe in air of rejuvenation,

exhale the gusts of limitation.

Avoid scents of procrastination,

toxic fumes of exaggeration,

use your perfume of inspiration.


What does motivation taste like?

No more oceans of dehydration,

bring forth drinks of cooperation.

Eat the fruit of improvisation,

prepare the cake of maturation,

now unleash your true motivation.

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