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Treasure on a Whole New Level

Two weeks ago, the K-pop rookie boy group Treasure came back with a splash for their second chapter just one month after their debut. This is quite unheard of in the world of YG Entertainment, where most groups go months or years without a comeback. This comeback is a single called “I Love You,” which is an extension of their debut song “Boy.” This song tells a story about the roller-coaster ride of love.  

The song is more energetic than “Boy,” really hyping it up. This song falls under the category of “Teddy,” a subgenre of YG Entertainment, which has high octane verses underlined by aggressive electronic beats; a second verse rap switch-up; a hollow, chant-like chorus and a tacked-on, anthemic finale, giving it a two-genre feel. At the same time, it’s different from the usual YG songs, starting off as pop then transitioning into the classical YG hip-hop genre.  

The first opening verse is soft, highlighting the group’s vocalists. The pre-chorus and chorus become harder, with the pre-chorus building up to the EDM drop of the chorus. The second verse is more trap-rap based, letting the three different styled rappers—fast, low-tone and aggressive—shine. But this is very typical of YG, making the second verse feel unoriginal compared to the other parts of the song. The song goes soft again at the bridge before hopping back into the pre-chorus. The final chorus is anthem-based which is again very typical of YG. It features an amazing dance sequence that gets you on your feet.  

The dance practice video is not out yet so not much can be said about the choreography, but the chorus already felt powerful and the head bopping and finger heart gesture were clearly important moves. As for the music video, it was more laid back than that of “Boy.” The color choices were really cool and bright, with blue being the main color. Instead of using a green screen, they used an LED screen to show the crashing waves. Overall, “I Love You” was a stunning and powerful comeback single for the rookie K-pop boy band. 

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