Club Spotlight: Association of Computing Machinery

Club Spotlight: Association of Computing Machinery

The NJIT chapter for the Association of Computing Machinery is the largest organization on the NIJT campus for students majoring in any computer-based discipline. It is a technical club focusing on the advancement of education for students attending the Ying Wu College of Computing, but they also offer opportunities for students looking to relax and engage in fun activities outside of their course work. 

The club runs two annual events, HackNJIT and JerseyCTF. HackNJIT is a 24-hour Fall Hackathon that they have been hosting for the past seven years. Hackathons are large computer programming focused events that revolve around completing challenges, working on projects and meeting like-minded people. They are fun social events for everyone, no matter an individual’s personal interest or skill in programming. The host organization also usually gives out its own merchandise. JerseyCTF is an international 24-hour capture-the-flag cybersecurity competition. Capture-the-flag styled events revolve around completing a series of tasks that have varying degrees of difficulty, ranging from simple Wikipedia searches and programming exercises to hacking into real servers to search for data.  

Another unique aspect of the club are the special interest groups, which are student-led mini-clubs within the organization that allow people to explore new concepts and technologies in the computer field. The aim of them is to help everyone involved learn more about a particular niche subject, such as computer-generated imagery or cybersecurity.  

NJIT’s chapter also hosts the tutoring for YWCC. These tutoring sessions are run by qualified paid and volunteer tutors, and they cover most YWCC classes. The tutoring through the organization is a great resource for anyone taking computer related courses, and they are open nearly every week during the semester on weekdays.  

Above all else, the Association of Computing Machinery club at NJIT offers a strong sense of community for anyone interested in computing technology, with lots of activities to engage in and friends to make. If you would like to contact the organization, its email is The first meeting will be on Sept. 10 at 12 p.m. in GITC 3700. Check it out! 

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