Club Spotlight: HighlanderThon

Club Spotlight: HighlanderThon

HighlanderThon is an NJIT-student-run philanthropic organization focused on fundraising for Children’s Specialized Hospitals. These are health facilities dedicated to caring for children facing unique health challenges such as chronic illnesses and physical disabilities. The parent program of HighlanderThon, Miracle Network Dance Marathon, is a nationwide organization committed to raising funds for supporting children’s health care, overseeing many Thons across the country. This charitable work is the centerpiece for this network of organizations, and all the effort goes towards helping children live the highest quality lives possible. 

HighlanderThon also hosts large on-campus events to help raise awareness for their cause and to allow the community and even some children from the hospital system to enjoy themselves in a supportive environment. Their largest event, the springtime HighlanderThon Dance Marathon, is a 24-hour dance party with children from the hospital system. This event is a major fundraiser and is definitely one of the club’s yearly highlights. 

The club has strong community outreach at NJIT, hosting many small-scale events with other NJIT clubs. In the past, they have worked with fraternities — such as Alpha Sigma Phi — to host game events for NJIT students to participate in as well as hosted Drawing Days with the NJIT Art Club. COVID-19 has prevented them from inviting hospital children to these events, but HighlanderThon is currently looking forward to having the kids join them again soon. 

Other events that will be occurring in the near future include: 

  • Cornhole with Alpha Sig (Prizes!) on Oct. 20 from 4-6 p.m. on the CKB Green 
  • FSL Charity Dinner for HighlanderThon on Oct. 27 at 8 p.m. 

Members of this club are particularly fond of tabling. Telling people about the mission of HighlanderThon is always fun and rewarding, helping to raise awareness for the health-related struggles others go through. All in all, members report that it is a fun experience to support such a large and noble cause.   

HighlanderThon is always looking for new members to join, especially those who are passionate about helping those who cannot help themselves. All the money they fundraise goes directly to the hospital they work with, and they extract a strong sense of accomplishment from helping children and their families out of desperate and destitute situations. If this sounds like a cause you could rally yourself behind, please reach out! Its office is in the basement of the Campus Center, and the general body meetings are on Wednesdays during common hour (room number is dependent on availability).  

For more information about this organization, visit this link: 

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