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    The Thoughts of NJIT Students 50 Years Ago

    Seventy-four alumni from the class of 1967 have written biographies reflecting upon their lives since graduating from the Newark College of Engineering, now known as the New Jersey Institute of Technology. As time moves forward, [...]
  • Campus Life

    NJIT 2020 Vision

    Two years into the 2020 Vision plan, NJIT has been initiating a number of changes across campus – and students have started to notice. Dubbed the “blueprint for achieving the vision shared by the NJIT [...]
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    Campus Life

    NJIT Raises Price of Parking

    For Full Time Commuters, the price to register has increased yearly, from twenty-five dollars in 2013, to thirty, thirty-five, and forty dollars each following year For the fourth consecutive year in a row, NJIT has [...]
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    A Year In Review

    President Trump has not been an impressive president, at least not in my view from this past year. For one, he is not the kind who has shown keenness to uphold peace amongst his people. [...]
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    As an Egyptian – As a Muslim

    As you kneel in prayer you do not expect to be splayed with bullets and blown up. For the anti-Islam people out there – is this enough proof for you? Three hundred and five people [...]
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    Vaping: What are the side effects?

    Though smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes has declined over the years, electronic nicotine delivery systems, known more commonly as electronic cigarettes, have risen in popularity among teenagers, with about 3 million reportedly smoking them in 2015, [...]
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    Investing in Bitcoin

    With the recent surge in prices it seems like everyone wants to know how they can invest in Bitcoin. The issue is there are not many people who understand Bitcoin let alone the best options [...]
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    Thor: Ragnarok Review

    Thor: Ragnarok is not a serious film and it does not pretend to be one. The third film in the franchise, Ragnarok took the God of Thunder in a direction many fans never expected with [...]
In the Spotlight

Students Opinions Mixed About WEC

by Victoria Nguyen in Campus Life 0

The construction and opening of the Wellness and Events Center has been met with mixed reviews that range from optimism to disappointment; students are appreciative of the new facility, but also weary of certain features [...]


Question: What are you most looking forward to in Winter Break?

Ayisha Chowdhury

Computer Science | 1st Year

A break from all the schoolwork and doing all the things I actually like to do, like making art pieces for my room. And sleeping."

Austin Mee

Computer Science | 2nd Year

Spending time away from school to recharge. I also going to do some volunteering that I do every year at a YMCA Camp Ockanickon. It's a children's camp.

Tomiwa Kolawole

Computer Science | 1st Year

Time to relax. Just to get away from the stress by hanging out with family and friends at home."

Harpuneet Kaur

Business | Senior

Going to India to see my family!

David Liptsyn

Biology | Junior

Looking forward to having more free time to work for my career and setting up a solid internship for the summer. It'll be lots of networking, lots of research about the industry, lots of learning. I want to do management consulting. I've been super busy with class, studying for exams, so it's really great to have more time to work on my career. But if you want a fun answer: snowboarding.