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Academics January 31, 2019
Jason Jorjani, a former university lecturer at NJIT, is demanding $25 million in damages from NJIT ...
Academics January 23, 2018
In a recent survey conducted by NJIT’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness, over a thousand students contributed ...
Academics September 25, 2017
The NJIT community was taken by surprise after a video published last week by The New York Times pushed Dr. Jason Jorjani's involvement with the Alt-Right into the ...

The Students' Opinions

Guest December 7, 2018
“Dear Highlander, I recently turned 21, which is very exciting for obvious reasons. However, cervical cancer ...
Carmel Rafalowsky August 29, 2019
[one_third]Carmel Rafalowsky - Liberal I did not watch the debates live and, frankly, after combing over ...
Katherine Ji August 29, 2019
In periods of stress throughout high school, I’ve always turned towards arts and activism for comfort: ...


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