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Academics March 13, 2020
For the past two decades, NJIT’s Dr. Boris Khusid has been engaged in space research with the National ...
Academics February 27, 2020
NJIT is no stranger to the lead-water crisis that continues to plague Newark citizens, with continuous ...
Academics February 21, 2020
On Thursday, Feb. 6, dozens of NJIT graduate students picketed between Campus Center and Fenster Hall. ...

The Students' Opinions

Zane Nogueras March 13, 2020
[one_half]Overrated - Zane Nogueras Everyone loves to travel for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s for ...
Colin Bayne March 13, 2020
[one_third]Liberal - Colin Bayne Why is Joe Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee? After all, everyone had almost a year in ...
Prem Naik March 6, 2020
War epics have always held a special place in my heart, ranging from the classics of ...


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