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Academics February 13, 2018
The Diversity Office on campus was closed over the Summer of 2017, when the previous director, ...
Academics January 23, 2018
In a recent survey conducted by NJIT’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness, over a thousand students contributed ...
Academics November 23, 2017
Among the other stresses associated with a new semester, such as adjusting to new classes and ...

The Students' Opinions

Nicole Cheney October 24, 2018
Last week in The Vector,the case in favor of spanking children as a practical tool for ...
Beshoy Shokralla October 24, 2018
When I think about why we do not hear from male victims of sexual assault or ...
Rick-kendy Noziere October 18, 2018
I always associated violence with underdevelopment. If someone is not smart enough to have a discussion ...


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