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    The Thoughts of NJIT Students 50 Years Ago

    Seventy-four alumni from the class of 1967 have written biographies reflecting upon their lives since graduating from the Newark College of Engineering, now known as the New Jersey Institute of Technology. As time moves forward, [...]
  • Campus Life

    NJIT 2020 Vision

    Two years into the 2020 Vision plan, NJIT has been initiating a number of changes across campus – and students have started to notice. Dubbed the “blueprint for achieving the vision shared by the NJIT [...]
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    Campus Life

    NJIT Raises Price of Parking

    For Full Time Commuters, the price to register has increased yearly, from twenty-five dollars in 2013, to thirty, thirty-five, and forty dollars each following year For the fourth consecutive year in a row, NJIT has [...]
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    Roy Halladay 1977-2017

    The baseball world is in mourning after learning that former two-time Cy Young pitcher Roy Halladay was killed in a small plane crash off the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday at the age of 40. [...]
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    Why I Chose NJIT and Why I Chose To Stay

    Ranked #140 in National Universities by U.S News and World Report and often considered a “nerd school”, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is most certainly an underrated institute for higher education. A lot of [...]
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    Twitter Increases Character Limit

    Despite issues with bullying and bots, Twitter, an online platform where registered users can post and reply to one another via messages— “tweets”—has done well since being founded in 2006 and is now a primary [...]
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    Student Senate Update: 11/14

    Manogna Guduru and Sophia Chan have both received the honor of Senator of the Month for November.  The Student Body becoming more aware of Student Senate’s works in improving quality of life for students has [...]
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    Gubernatorial Election: Murphy Wins Jersey

    On November 7, 2017, Democrat Phil Murphy won the New Jersey Gubernatorial election with 56% of the vote, making him the Governor-Elect of New Jersey. Considering the brooding atmosphere amongst New Jersey citizens with Governor [...]
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Roy Halladay 1977-2017

by Scott Rogust in Sports 0

The baseball world is in mourning after learning that former two-time Cy Young pitcher Roy Halladay was killed in a small plane crash off the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday at the age of 40. [...]


Question: What is your dream job and why?

Theresa Wagner

IT Network Security | Senior

My dream job is to work for the government as a cyber security specialist because I think it's really cool to work for the government. I am really interested in working in cyber-security and since I am part of the Cyber-Corp Program, I already have to work for them. I am very excited to work for the government and move down to D.C. I have worked for the US Coast Guard before in their research center. I have worked for the Liberty Science Center and PTC Therapeutics. I have also worked on the cyber security center here on campus, so I know what I want!

Fiifi Coffie

Electrical Engineering | Senior

My dream job is to start my own company, become a billionaire, and rule the world. But seriously, my company is going to find a way to create clean energy and help with reforestation.

Maria Satan

Biology | Junior 

I want a job that will let me travel all over the country. Maybe an FBI agent?

Aya Ghazy

Biology | Sophomore

My dream job is in hospital administration. With my family in and out of the hospital, I am always there so I see the problems going on. I want to fix it.

Panagiotis Pete Tsivis

Computer Science | Junior 

My dream job is to be an actor and I'm trying my best to make that happen. I have a theater minor and I'm in a theater performance coming up this month. The play is called ‘NERD: Neighborhood Requisition of Doom.’ It's basically warped reality becoming reality, video games becoming real. It's a creepy horror story, with zombies that are actually family members. I will be playing Tobias. The director made the concept to have me be the creator of the game. My character is a little creepy, but it's fun.