About Satoe Ozawa
Satoe is a Junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Business. She enjoys writing as a hobby and is a copy editor for the Vector.

Pre-Dental Sculpting Contest

April 12, 2014 Satoe Ozawa 0

Last Wednesday, the Pre-Dental Society held their annual Clay Sculpting Contest. A total of 20 contestants came to show off their skills and create art with clay. On a first come, first serve basis, the […]

SAC Event: Newsies: A Broadway Review

October 28, 2013 Satoe Ozawa 0

Broadway shows are always expensive affairs for poor college students. However, it is something everyone should experience at least once, especially since NJIT is located so close to New York City. Here’s where SAC comes […]

TEDx NJIT 2013

October 7, 2013 Satoe Ozawa 0

Satoe Ozawa Last Thursday was a night of inspiring speakers who shared about their innovative work. The program, from 6PM to 9PM, consisted of 7 live presenters and 3 short videos of TED Talks. Focusing […]

Summer News Recap

October 6, 2013 Satoe Ozawa 0

Find out what’s been happening while you’ve been relaxing Summer is always a time for new and exciting developments. This summer of 2013 was not an exception. With tensions developing in the diplomatic world to […]