Plastic Cards

December 5, 2013 Vector Staff 0

Americans love plastic. There’s plastic everywhere – in your car, your phone, and your computer. There’s one particular piece of plastic that America just can’t get enough of, and it’s in your wallet: your credit […]

Cable Cutting

December 5, 2013 Joseph Iacoviello 0

“Cutting the cable”, or unsubscribing from television cable networks, has been a popular idea but hasn’t really caught on yet. Despite the growth of third party networks such as Netflix, most people are still subscribed […]

Phone Companies

November 19, 2013 Joseph Iacoviello 0

With the leak of the PRISM program run by the NSA, many were left wondering how the NSA was able to get at such a huge amount of data in the first place. It turns […]

Surface Pro 2 Review

November 19, 2013 Vector Staff 1

A while ago, I wrote about the Surface Pro, Microsoft’s brand new tablet laptop hybrid. In my review, I said the product is very well made but had one huge flaw – a poor battery […]

Silk Road 2.0

November 12, 2013 Joseph Iacoviello 0

The “Dark Net” is a series of nefarious websites that are impossible to access from the normal web. Dark Net is usually hidden behind a firewall or some sort of anonymous network, such as Tor. […]

My Little Browser Can’t Be This Cute!

November 12, 2013 Guest 0

In 1995m Microsoft launched the first version of Internet Explorer, a browser that would soon dominate the market but would also be infamous for its speed (lack thereof) and vulnerabilities. Sadly for Microsoft, their brow […]

Facebook and Big Data

November 5, 2013 Joseph Iacoviello 0

Facebook is a company that is constantly getting in trouble for privacy violations. To generate revenue, Facebook needs to sell the data you give them to advertisers. The more hits that Facebook can bring to […]

Flying Into Modern Times

November 5, 2013 Guest 0

If you’ve been on a flight recently, you may have noticed some archaic rules in place, such as restrictions on electronic devices during flight. In the U.S., there exists a ban on mobile phone use […]

Intelligent Machines

October 29, 2013 Joseph Iacoviello 0

The quintessential test for Artificial Intelligence is Alan Turing’s “Turing Test”. If a machine can fool a human into thinking that it is also a human, the machine passes the test. In the past, this […]

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