Sixty-Eight: Logan (2017)

April 26, 2017 Scott Waldmann 0

  The difficulty with many long-running tales to astonish is giving it a proper ending that ties all loose ends, pays homage to the characters that we have spent years getting to love, and making […]

What Makes a Film ‘Great’?

September 21, 2016 Scott Waldmann 0

Every year, a new batch of films arrives to replace the previous year’s hits or misses which either solidifies or loosens the previous-previous year’s grasp of memorable films while also loosening the previous-previous-previous hold year’s […]

Dinosaur BBQ Restaurant Review

October 13, 2014 Vector Staff 0

Dinosaur BBQ was where we found ourselves trying out some new food. The Food Bros. went down to 224 Market Street right here in Newark. Walking into the restaurant gives off a very casual feel. […]

One Sentence Game Review

April 26, 2014 Ayodeji Asagaba 0

Game: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Publisher: Konami Developer: Platinum Games System: Windows, PS3, Xbox 360 Genre: Action, Hack and Slash Review:“It’s so unbelievably stupid you’ll love it.” Daniel-Peter Adjetey

J-Stars Victory Vs.

April 22, 2014 Ayodeji Asagaba 0

I have never had so much fun not knowing what is happening before. Hey there, readers. Vatsu here with a bit of a first for the game reviews. Through my news feed I came upon […]


April 11, 2014 Danielle Judka 0

There’s never enough SHAFT to share with the world. As my favorite studio to date, regardless of the series they pick to animate, it always gives me something to enjoy in some way. While they’ve […]

Game Review: Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

April 10, 2014 Ayodeji Asagaba 0

This week’s game: Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Developer/Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment System: PC (Later Xbox One and PS4) Genre: Action/Role Playing/ Dungeon Crawler I have not forgotten about you PC players out there, so this […]

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