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Fall Anime Updates


Seeing as most episodes are beginning to enter their “plot heavy” moments, I figured this called for giving an update as to how most shows are doing! Again, I’m not watching every show this season, but I’m actually watching quite a spread, so if you’re still iffy on picking something up, hopefully you can take this chance to consider or re-consider!


What brilliant promise this show had. By the makers of “K Project”, I would have thought that they took their previous criticisms to improve, but sadly it’s falling back to their roots of making things longer and more dramatic than necessary. As a post-apocalyptic show, there were many elements they could have introduced, but sadly they mainly focus the three girls and how nearly useless they are except in some situations. I can appreciate the emotional turmoil the characters could have, but constantly bringing it up and making it a nonstop complaint started killing the atmosphere a bit too soon. Not to mention the characters are a bit on the bland side with the whole “this is my only purpose in life” gimmick being all they can assert themselves to believe. The only benefit of this show is the beautiful animation style that GOHANDS never misses the mark for.

Kill La Kill

As an ode to older, action packed show, I feel like Kill La Kill is falling a bit short of the quality I was expecting. I’ll congratulate Trigger for their tireless efforts in making this show, but it’s so painfully obvious just how over the top they are making this show. In some cases it makes for a very entertaining watch, but too much sometimes deters me and makes me believe that they have nothing more to compensate for, such as the somewhat shallow plot. Characters are all pretty standard, interesting though, but nearly predictable. Lately, the characters picked up and there’s a slight pull in a better direction, so there’s hope. However, for those unfamiliar with this sort of high paced action show, I would consider watching Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, FLCL, or Gurren Laagan. Over the top action like this was common back in the day, but its recent comeback feel a little out of place at times. Still, keep trying Trigger, keep trying.

Samurai Flamenco

In all honesty, this show is truly overlooked. A superhero show featuring actual people doing real things seems to be a big turn off for people, but give some things a try sometime. I believe this show would be better enjoyed with others. The humor is geared more towards character interactions than just blatant jokes. It has a nice touch of keeping things entertaining, action packed, and fun. While it’s not a Tiger and Bunny for sure, it’s a gentle watch that’ll keep you rooting for the hero. I’d give this a try if you want something a little off the radar and not so into the world of crazy things happening.

Log Horizon

Do I like this show? Sort of. How do I like it compared to Sword Art Online? A lot more. Take the basic premise of .hack and Sword Art Online, make it slightly less crazy and fantastical, make all the characters enjoyable and you have Log Horizon. Speaking from preference however, this show does well to keep unnecessary distractions at bay unlike Sword Art Online. The atmosphere is fun, the characters have a good dynamic, and some of the references in the show are relatable (as a gamer myself).

Yowamushi Pedal

I’ll close with something you probably overlooked. – Biking: the anime. Unlike Overdrive, Pedal features some interesting characters and a hilarious atmosphere to enjoy. Sports series often don’t get too much love unless they’re a crowd favorite like Ace of Diamond or Hajime no Ippo, so I can understand why people wouldn’t pick this one up. But Pedal is highly enjoyable in my opinion. The characters all have goals but intermingle with each other, all playing a part to drive the plot forward.

Honorary Mentions You Should Pick Up: Golden Time, Magi Season 2, Unbreakable Machine Doll, and Strike the Blood.

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