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Dear Highlander,

My friends were all planning a trip to Florida for Spring break, but I opted out because I thought it was just too much money. So now while my friends are partying it up at Disney World and the beach, I’m going to be stuck here in Jersey, bored. Do you have any ideas for fun things I can do closer to home? I need to come up with something soon, otherwise my break is gonna bite.



Dear Don’t-Want-to-be-a-Couch-Potato,

There are plenty of fun things to do in our good ol’ Garden State! Grab some friends (not the ones who ditched you for Disney), grab your family, and get ready for some fun day trips! I’ll give you some great places to go and their approximate costs.

Liberty Science Center is in Jersey City, and it will cost you around $21-31 to go, depending on what kind of ticket you want. The Center currently has Mythbusters and Illusion exhibitions running. You can watch movies in the Center’s IMAX theater. Additionally, there is a laser show running on March 16th called “LSC After Dark: Go Green, Get Lucky”. You need to be at least 21 to enter.

Adventure Aquarium is located in Camden, and the ticket for general admission is $28. You can see hippos, sea turtles, and stingrays in the flesh at this aquarium, and go through an underwater shark tunnel. The aquarium also has a 4D theater, and you can see divers go into the tanks with the sharks.

Take a hike! There are many beautiful places to go hiking in Jersey. If you go to the Apshawa Preserve in Passaic County, you can hike past a reservoir, a dam, ruins, and a waterfall! If you take the hike by the Delaware Water Gap, you can visit New Jersey’s highest waterfall and hike the Appalachian trail. You can head through Hacklebarney State Park in Chester Township for gorgeous views of the Black River that runs through it.

Just because you can’t go to Florida doesn’t mean that you can’t go to the beach! Why head to Miami Beach when the Jersey Shore is right here? There are plenty of things for you to do at the shore, like seeing alpacas. If you visit Jersey Shore Alpacas on a Saturday you can go and feed the critters. The boardwalk in Atlantic City is also a great place to visit: if you’re old enough you can hit the casinos. Otherwise, you can walk on the shore or head to the Steel Pier amusement park. With a Ferris wheel, coasters, and tons of other rides and games, you’re sure to have a great time.

You don’t need to go to the exotic Sunshine State to have a good time; all the fun you need is right here! Good luck!


A Fellow Highlander



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