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“In honor of International Women’s Day, who is your most important female role model?”

Lellas Alhallak

Biology, Class of 2019

“My mom – she is so patient, and she taught me that you should always go after what you want, even if it takes a long time and a lot of work.”

Rishi Mehta

Web & Information Systems, Class of 2020

“My sister, because she is 7 years younger than me, but probably the most hardworking person I’ve ever met. Seeing someone 7 years younger than me work 7 times harder than me is amazing, and she really gives me motivation.”

Maniroopa Morasa

Information Technology, Class of 2020

“Serena Williams, because she kind of shows how being a woman and being strong and beautiful can go hand and hand. She really broke a lot of stereotypes.”

Mahati Mudigonda

Biology, Class of 2017

“In addition to my mom, my cousin definitely. She came here in her 20’s for her masters degree. She completed a biology degree in India but she came to pursue a degree in fashion, and it really inspired me to step out of my own bounds.”

Apoorva Bhupathi

Biology, Class of 2018

“For me, it would be Dr. Klimovich – I met her my freshman year and she’s almost like a counselor to me. She is super inspiring, and she really made more anchored and grounded in the honors college and my choice to be pre-med.”

Sidharth Vemuri

Computer Engineering, Class of 2020

“Michelle Obama, because she makes a difference in young people’s lives all across America.”


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