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Many people have goals of pursuing careers and getting a good job. However, just having a dream to get a job is not all that’s necessary to guarantee that you get that job.

Preparing for the interview requires an adequate amount of preparation. The success of an interview occupies 50% of the employer’s decision. Yes, your degree and academic qualifications are important, but there are other important standards that should be met and are unclear to the employer except when discovered through the interview. Therefore, it is really important to show up to your interview and be ready to show the employer that you also meet these other standards.

Employers are looking for people who show passion towards the job, have good communication skills, are sociable and friendly with the other employees, and well organized, whether in their appearance or their manner of speaking.

Make sure you do your research about the organization or company you are applying to – this will help you to seem prepared compared to other candidates. Revising your qualifications and standards to fit the desired job position may give you the courage to speak with conviction while being interviewed.

Another thing to consider before walking into the interview room is to anticipate what questions you will be asked (as we all know, there are certain questions that will be asked no matter what job you are interviewed for) and prepare responses to them that will not only satisfy the interviewer but will also reinforce why you should get the job. There are usually online forums of people sharing interview questions they have been asked that you may be able to use to help get into the right mindset.

Always prepare what you are going to wear to the interview at least two days before so that you can be sure that your outfit matches the event. The reason behind this is that the way you dress for an interview plays a key role in how successful you are in your interview.

Additionally, the NJIT Career Development Services office can be used as a resource for interview preparation, and they have offered a few tips for your big day. Make sure to include concrete data rather than general facts during the interview because this gives the interviewer more details about you.

Also, try to repeat your strengths more than one time because this will make the interviewer remember them. Make sure to support these strengths with the greatest amount of proof by mentioning experiences and stories. Last but not least, make sure to ask questions. This shows the interviewer how engaged you are in knowing everything about the job and how insistent you are to get it.

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