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Hear ye! Hear ye!


Upon the eleventh day of the month of April, the New Jersey Institute of Technology hosted ye ole Renaissance Faire within thine campus grounds! Men, women, and children alike expended their leisure time high-spiritedly.

T’was a day of warmth and good cheer as glorious sounds of thy modernistic melodies had fill-eth the air of the grandiose festival.

Such entertainment gave thrill to all ye studious college folk, as refuge from thine week’s scholarly turmoils. For thou could expunge thine anger at the “Tip-a-Troll” game, which wert a challenge to knock-eth down stout, wooden trolls by way of throwing a small sack at their faces. However, to win-eth the prize, ye must hath knock-eth down the trolls thrice!

For all ye apprenticing archers, a makeshift target was suspended, welcoming folks from all ranks to participate! A hit nearest the centermost ring would be honored a token in reward.

Now, ye of little hand-eye coordination were granted the pleasures of less physical going-ons. Perhaps, for thy present ladies, the candle or soap or jewelry creating tables wert enticing exhibitions of entertainment.

At yet another table, ye could learn-eth the meaning and origin of thy birth name. In the midst of fun and merriment, ye could find the heritage of thine roots. Take pride in thine background, for it is the foundation upon which ye finds his self and being.

But only he amongst the bravest souls dared to enlighten his self at the table of tarot readings, where his future would be laid out before him. Could ye handle it?

If not, the best remedy for ye with the troubled soul would be to visit the petting area. For the children, there wert a tall and lean ivory horse named Sinbad, upon whose back they were put upon for a short but exhilarating ride. Thou could pet and feed the two sheep, two baby goats, donkey, alpaca, (careful, they spit! ) and calf, as well as fluffy rabbits, clucking chickens, and curious ducks who were equally excited to be receiving such attention and involvement.

Movement from hither to tither, to and fro, can exhaust the body, mind, and spirit. Nevertheless, the festivities continue as within every inch of the party grounds ye could find trays of the land’s most decadent foods. Baked potatoes served with a dollop of sour cream, golden cobs of corn, delicious fried chicken and drool-worthy, steamy, smoked turkey legs. Thou could feel-eth jolly good on a full stomach as thou passeth through each exhilarating event of the afternoon.

For the daylong event, performances by the sweetly bodacious belly-dancer upon the stage drew the undivided attention of passersby, creating throngs who would watch her at her finest routine. Now, ladies, ye be warned to watch-eth thy lords! Some joined the woman on the stage, engaging in the fine art of the dance.

Ah, all of these grand happenings, but t’was the joust, which wert held upon the upper and lower greens of the grounds, that captured the eyes of many folks. At the higher greens were held a competition betwixt peasant members of the crowd whilst the lower greens were where professional knights took stand and showed off their superior skills.

From the peasants and knights to the lords and ladies, glee and bliss and gladness were spread all around. The whole kingdom rejoiced upon this day, for t’was a day of laughter and good feeling throughout the community. Not a single peasant nor jester wert left in lowly spirits, for the beautiful day ended happily.

Lady Holly Junice

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