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Indie Game Thing: Love and Sex


*NOTE* Games discussed in this article aren’t pornographic in nature, yet contain mature topics such as sex and sensual romance.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I bet you’re all wondering what kinds of things you could be doing with your significant others, or by yourself. Regardless, there are all sorts of games you can play to pass the time and share the passion with the one you love.

Do note that games don’t have to show anything explicit to be explicit so the games that I am going to be mentioning have high sexual themes. If you don’t like thinking about games as anything but toys, you have been warned.

Save The Date:

Starting with a simple choose-your-own-adventure dating sim, Save The Date takes dating to a whole new level. In this little freebie gem, it is your goal to try to save your date. It sounds easy, right? The two of you are just regular people, what could go wrong?

Save The Date is a really funny game that tackles how chaotic dating can be. When you’re trying to save your date, things can get pretty dicey. There are crazy Naruto cosplayers throwing shuriken and random car accidents; anything can happen, and it’s all up to you to try to stop those things from killing your date!

You can check out the game on Paper Dino Software’s site, paperdino.com. I assure you, the fish tacos are to die for!

Realistic Kissing Simulator:

Have problems setting the right mood with your partner? Ever feel that you and your partner need a little help with kissing? Or, do you have no one to kiss and want to play a simulation about kissing? Funnily enough, such a simulation exists.

Aptly named Realistic Kissing Simulator, this is a two-player co-op game about kissing. Of course, this game also teaches consent.

The game is nothing but two giant faces kissing so, if you need that mood setter, check out Jimmy Andrews and Loren Schmidt’s website, jimmylands.com, to play this little quirky game!

How do you do it?:

There aren’t a lot of games out there that actually try to answer “what is sex”. Nina Freeman, one of the more well-recognized instructors for Code Liberation, a group dedicated to helping women get into coding, dared to answer this question by using a child’s curiosity with her toys. So, that begs one more question, How do you Do it?

As a sex education game, simply imagine yourself, taking your or your sibling’s Barbie and Ken dolls and just mash the two of them together like you just don’t care. If that doesn’t explain How do you Do it? I don’t know what else will.

If you want to play How do you Do it? check out Nina Freeman’s site, ninasays.so. Also be sure to check out her other works, I assure you, they’re great!

Luxuria Superbia:

When coming up with games for this Valentines Day list, Luxuria Superbia was always the first in my mind. Why? The game says it’s about touching flowers, but let’s be real here. Touching flowers is a pretty lewd way to say something.

Compared to the other games on this list, it is definitely the most suggestive, but it is suggestive in the most symbolic way possible. By no means should this be a game you play alone, it is an absolute blast to play with anyone. Most of the gameplay revolves around moving through an impossibly long cavern, take from that what you will

While the game is sensual, when you’re cozying up with your significant other, the game definitely works as a mood setter to maybe getting things started. Of course, if this kind of game is too weird for you, well, then you don’t have to get it. It did win an award for being super weird at the Independent Game Festival 2014.

The game is available on Steam, iOS, and Google Play store for roughly $7. It’s definitely a great look for the kinky gamer couples out there who want to try something different. The game is also available on Android and iOS.

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