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Music Thing: Fusq

By Matthew Maravilla

Music tastes come in all shapes and sizes. There are many different kinds of songs and artists out there.

Electro Funk is what you would expect: music with rich highs and good bass. A good electro song is one you can dance to and listen to on a long ride. I’m sure you have heard of “Where Are You Now?” by Jack U featuring Justin Bieber, but let’s take electro to a fluffier tone.

Have you met Fusq?

Fusq’s light anime-influenced music spends a great deal in the highs and mids while touching the bass when the song wants to get you going.



One of Fusq’s marquee songs in his latest EP, “Lost Station,” “Perfume!” highlights Fusq’s power with synths. The song itself keeps listeners on their toes, wondering about just how much sugar was put into the song but a few measures in, you realize that “Perfume!” has got your big toe tapping. When comparing similar songs with this kind of fluffy nature, where other songs focus on keeping the highs in at all times, Fusq is not afraid to have a little of the mids and bass come in to replace the highs which you’ll notice in the other two songs.

Being one of the bigger songs in Fusq’s first released EP, it’s definitely a song you cannot keep off your playlist once it gets there.


‘Best Friend’ remix (original by Foster The People):

A remix of Foster the People’s song, “Best Friend,” Fusq takes the little indie rock song and adds some energy, makes the song an electro house song while keeping a consistently fast tempo. Instead of the brass heavy original version, Fusq’s version has an emphasis on technical highs with piano chords and keeps the tone upbeat. In terms of how the vocals pan out from the original, Fusq turned up the octave and removes the dark tones that were ever present in Foster the People’s version.

I definitely believe that if you want a good ‘walking-down-the-street-feeling-awesome’ song, you cannot go wrong with Fusq’s light synths draping some good lyrics that really get a good flow even when the highs dip out for the bass to come in to give the highs a good rest near the middle.



Bringing down the high energy of the first two songs and bringing it to a smooth groove, “Suiito” fits in as a good resting point. Since it is also the last song in Fusq’s “Lost Station” EP, the song acts like a good digestion point to let you think back on the rest of the soundtrack. “Suiito” is a very bass and mid-oriented song, with low-riding synths and a small mid-octave piano track keeping you along. To emphasize that this is the last song of the soundtrack, Fusq keeps in brief glimpses of the glockenspiel you’ve been accustomed to for 3 songs until this point.

If you find yourself listening to this song by itself, you will find that it is definitely a good chill-off song that goes well after a good run or a workout, when you have bested the day’s challenges. If you need a song to drown out the rest of the world to let you chill, “Suiito” is your new jam.


Fusq is a great well-rounded artist. When he needs to get the bass kicking, he gets it pumping. When he needs to get the listener floating on clouds, he’ll add sugar to the highs. I would not necessarily recommend him as your first foray into electro music as he does have very fluffy music, but if you’re able to deal with the highs or staccato highs on piano and guitar are your thing, definitely give a few Fusq songs a couple listens. Fusq’s SoundCloud has some really good collaborations and remixes, complete with his EP, “Last Station” which you can buy for roughly $3.50 off of Fusq’s Bandcamp.

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