About Walter Church IV
Walter Church IV is a third year Computer Engineering Major and a brother of KΞK

Greek Organization Orientation

September 26, 2014 Walter Church IV 0

On Wednesday night all the Greek fraternities were gathered together in the ballroom. They had their tables decorated with all their pride. Letters showing and trophies abounding, there was an excitement for freshman to arrive. […]

Greek Luau

September 15, 2014 Walter Church IV 0

It was a bright and sunny day on Wednesday the third of September. The sounds of children playing and wind whistling through the trees covered the campus. Only, replace the children with fraternities and the […]

The IFSC Cupcake Wars

December 5, 2013 Walter Church IV 0

smell in the air was that of competition – and cupcakes. Up in the gallery of the Campus Center (on the second floor, for those that do not know) the different Greek organizations had assembled, […]

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