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Ultimate Weekend Workout


How to stay in shape despite a busy schedule

I’m pretty sure every freshman I’ve met (myself included) enters college with this almost delusional idea of working out hardcore at the gym 24/7. But let’s get real here. There are few of us who have the time to go to the gym every day for a even a solid 1-2 hour workout. However, we shouldn’t use that as an excuse to sit around all day either. So, we’re essentially stuck between a rock and a hard place. At last, I present you with “The Ultimate Weekend Workout”.

Yeah, it’s as exciting as it sounds. Just imagine, one solid day of working out that could leave you feeling better than all those hypothetical 6 AM jogs you keep avoiding thanks to the invention of the snooze button. Just take a minute to close your eyes and see yourself as you, but with a flatter stomach and a totally toned body. I’ve got the perfect solution to looking fit for the week with this simple Friday night workout.

Weekends are rough. You’re tired from the whole week but don’t want to be chilling in your dorm room alone. Before you hit the party scene, just do this quick abdominal workout for that tight tummy you always wanted. Do each move for one minute and then repeat the process. By working on both your back and your stomach, you’re essentially getting a 360° workout of that entire area. Pretty cool, right?

Lie on the ground facing the ceiling, with your hands behind your head and elbows bent at your sides. Lift your legs a few inches off the ground and keep them raised. Keep your chin above your chest while crunching up for 1 count. Slowly lower yourself, and then repeat.

Lie facedown on the ground with your arms out in front of you. Lift your arms and legs simultaneously off the ground for 5 seconds. Slowly lower your hands and legs, and then repeat.

Sit on the ground with your legs extended, your body at a 45° angle, your hands behind you and your fingers pointing at your feet. Lift your legs off the ground to balance, then bring your knees to your chest and back out. Don’t forget to repeat.

Get into plank position by balancing your forearms and toes on the ground. Lift your left leg up and hold it for 10 seconds. Switch sides and do the same, without twisting your hips. And of course, repeat as always.

Lie on the ground facing the ceiling with your hands under your lower back. While keeping your shoulders and head above the ground, raise your legs off the ground with your knees to your chest and your legs extended. Then lower your legs to the ground and draw your knees in to your chest in a circular motion. And as always, repeat.

And that’s a wrap, folks. Have an awesome weekend and don’t forget to spend some time of your day getting energized, refreshed, and all toned up.

Ilesha Sevak

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