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Pumpkin Spice, That Would Suffice

I saw a notification on my phone last week from Real Simple magazine highlighting the fall-themed snacks that the grocery store Aldi had released. It was still August, and one of the hottest days on record, but when I read about the interesting selections like the cranberry-flavored cheese spread, apple caramel tea, and pumpkin flavored cake roll, it was like a cool breeze blew past me and brightened my spirits. 

I could hardly wait to make the drive to Aldi and pick up some of these seasonal treats. I was delighted to find that Aldi had even more than I expected — pumpkin spice honey butter, cinnamon bun-inspired granola cereal, and even Harvest Pie ice cream. It felt like a little piece of autumn in the middle of summer. 

I admit, I hate summer and wish it was shorter. I hate the heat, I hate the sweat, and I especially hate that Halloween isn’t just around the corner. I also love autumn because I was born in the season — I’m a Libra who was born in October. 

I feel comfortable in cozy sweaters and hoodies, cute boots, and fun accessories like light hats and scarves. I feel great when the first flavors of a pumpkin spice-flavored oat milk latte hit my tongue. I feel awesome during homecoming games, Halloween parties, and Thanksgiving dinners. 

Summer is a wasteland of holidays in comparison. Besides Memorial Day and July 4, there isn’t much to introduce in terms of seasonal goods. So, most retailers, with smart people behind them, fill this gap by offering fall products earlier and earlier.  

It’s understandable that retailers want to make the most of a short selling season, and I think it’s okay to force us into an early autumn mindset amid unrelenting heat and humidity. Far from being a money grab, there is a level of anticipation that comes with seeing fall decor in stores during the summertime. In terms of psychology, this is called “anticipatory joy.” 

When I see pumpkin-flavored items in stores, I am immediately transported to good times during the fall months with my friends on coffee runs before class, whom I miss during the summer. Because of this, I am more likely to buy the product advertised. 

The same can be said for the summertime sales. Seeing discounts on items I need helps me prepare for the upcoming semester. It is a reminder that my friends and I will soon be reunited, and we’ll need cozy clothes to wear during our study sessions.  

Even though it might seem like a money grab, these sales can bring us joy in knowing that good times are ahead. These seasonal sales can also be an opportunity to practice mindful shopping. Instead of impulsively buying items, we can take the time to reflect on all our other options and decide what is best for us. This way, we ensure that the items we get will be useful and bring us joy in the long run.  

Additionally, early fall seasons cater to both chronic planners and last-minute shoppers. The people who like to prepare for the season in advance are happy because there is already a supply in the store, and it is often on sale. Teachers, for example, would like to decorate their rooms for fall in August when they go back to school, while parents would like to buy Halloween costumes for their children in early September while there is still a variety in stock to choose from. And for last-minute shoppers, ’s a great time to find whatever they need at discounted prices. 

Overall, early fall is an ideal season for making purchases because there are plenty of options available. We can use this time to maximize our savings and get what we really want without overspending. It is important that we take advantage of the available offers when they come our way and make smart shopping decisions. Whether it is for clothes, decorations, or holiday gifts, early fall is a great time to get what you need without breaking the bank. 

In addition to the wide variety of items in stores, there are also seasonal sales and special deals that come with this time of year. Extending the selling periods of seasonal products always equals higher sales, so there is more incentive for retailers to put their stock out early. It will not only increase the likelihood of consumers buying products, but also reduce waste after the season has passed. 

Making sure to look out for deals and discounts can help consumers make the most of their resources. Retailers often offer special promotions in the early fall, so it pays off to keep an eye out for them. We can also use store loyalty programs to keep track of purchases, which will allow us to be first in line for new offers and discounts. 

Furthermore, other parts of the world far from the equator that have earlier fall weather appreciate an earlier start of the fall season because it makes more sense to them and their needs as consumers. Retailers should be mindful of this and put their stock out to match the seasonal change. 

This way, we can make sure that everyone has access to the same materials during a given season and that no one is disappointed when it comes time to shop for the holidays. Additionally, by producing products earlier in the fall season, stores can better manage their inventory levels and guarantee the availability of products for their customers. 

Retailers wouldn’t push out fall products early if there wasn’t a demand for them, even if it is just a social media shoutout post about a new type of Halloween candy. People are ready to start fall activities on the first official day of the season, and retailers need to provide for them. 

If retailers don’t follow this trend, they risk being left behind in a competitive market.  

Corporations need to be able to match their customers’ wants and needs to remain successful. By doing so, they can create a loyal customer base that knows they can rely on the store for their fall needs. 

In conclusion, pushing out products early in the fall season is beneficial to retailers and customers alike. Retailers can better manage inventory and keep up with consumer demand, while customers can access the products they want before the holiday rush begins. This strategy ultimately increases revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction for everyone. 

As for me, summer is over. I’m putting the pumpkin cake roll in my cart. 

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