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Areej Qamar
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Vol. C | Spring | Issue V

On Feb. 14, the Student Senate met with four candidates running for three vacant representative positions. The biology representative position was left open. Nikita Nair, third-year student studying law, technology, and culture, became the representative for her major. Discussion regarding the web and information systems representative was tabled for next week’s meeting. 

The Student Senate also revisited discussions regarding the Hillier College of Architecture and Design (HCAD) and the financial technology representative positions. Shahd Ali Elsayed Ali, second-year architecture student and previous senate architecture representative, became the HCAD representative. Zeynep Kus, second-year financial technology student, became the major representative.  

Finally, there was discussion concerning revisions to the NJIT Student Senate constitution. Under Article III, Section 4, modifications to the wording were made to clarify the section better and help mitigate confusion regarding whether officers were allowed to serve on the executive boards of clubs that aren’t recognized by the Student Senate. 

Vol. C | Spring | Issue IV

On Feb. 7, the Student Senate cordially welcomed Dr. Kristie Damell, Associate Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator, and Brittany Gaviria Sanchez, Prevention Specialist, to speak about their roles and work during the public forum.  

Damell addressed the importance of offering support to those in need who may not know who or where to ask. Gaviria Sanchez stressed that they are here to be an advocate for students to help support survivors in any way they can. They also expressed how ensuring the campus maintains a secure environment for all students is a commitment that they are pleased to continue upholding. The Dean of Students office is now located next to the Agile Strategy lab in the Central King Building.  

There were seven new candidates running for four vacant positions: two first-year representatives, one Hillier College of Architecture and Design representative, and the other representing financial technology. Jainam Shah, first-year computer science student, and Steve Limaymanta, first-year general engineering student, became the two new first-year representatives. The discussion regarding the Hillier College of Architecture and Design representative and the financial technology representative were tabled for further discussion. 

Vol. C | Spring | Issue III

During its meeting on Jan. 31, the Student Senate met with four candidates running for representative positions. Anthony Rodriguez, fourth-year civil and environmental engineering major, became the new Newark College of Engineering representative, and the first-year representative position was tabled for further discussion. 

There was a discussion regarding the student affairs committee bylaws. Members proposed an addition to their bylaws. Under section V, Financial Limitations, identity-based organizations may now submit a proposal to the student affairs committee without first requesting a grant from the finance committee. This would alleviate the stress encompassing diversity and inclusion-based organizations trying to get extra funding for monthly events. The Senate found this to be in the best interest of the student organizations on campus and to the benefit of the student body. 

There were two senator reports presented; one was from engineering technology college representative Matthew Torres, third-year electrical and computer engineering technology major, and the other report was by third-year mathematical sciences student and major representative, Pakhe Mewani. 

On Dec. 6, Torres met with Samuel Lieber, acting department chair for engineering technology, regarding course and registration issues. They are looking into updating NJIT’s course catalog to better fit the requirements of students and what they can and want to take. Degree Works will also be updated in the near future. 

They discussed research opportunities for engineering technology students. Resources are available to allow students to better connect with professors. Professors conducting research on campus can be found on NJIT’s website. 

On Dec. 13, Mewani met with the head of the mathematical sciences department, Dr. Eliza Michalopoulou. Mewani noted the improvement in the department’s communication with the student body and how they plan to further improve upon it. They also discussed plans for a career fair involving companies looking for students with heavy backgrounds in mathematics.  

Finally, Ying Wu College of Computing’s representatives are looking for student feedback regarding courses, advisors, or anything of the like. Please see the poster below for further information.


Vol. C | Spring | Issue II
NJIT’s Student Senate is excited to welcome students and organizations back for the Spring 2024 academic semester. Below are updates and proposals that the Senate discussed during its meeting on Jan. 17. 

The student affairs committee proposed a new Study Sync initiative. The proposal involves skilled tutors on campus who will be available from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m., five days a week, in residence halls. The Study Sync would provide students an environment to thrive academically when the tutoring center closes. There were more than 100 students who expressed interest in the proposal and most stated that they do their homework and studying at night. Overall, the majority of students said that they would like a tutoring center opened at later hours, and the student affairs committee even researched other schools, such as Seton Hall University and Kean University, who found success implementing similar programs. 

Bridgitte Limaymanta, fourth-year industrial engineering student and Senate’s major representative, presented her senator report that covered her meeting with associate mechanical and industrial engineering professor Dr. Athanassios Bladikas on Nov. 21. 

In the course IE 492: Engineering Management, students have found difficulty in registering for this course due to a limited amount of sections available. Limaymanta plans to survey more students about the issue and plans to try to push for a summer course teaching the material. 

She also plans to revive the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers NJIT chapter to help bolster student morale and foster a friendly environment for students in industrial engineering.  

Third-year chemical engineering student and major representative Melisa Bilgili presented her senator report which covered her Nov. 29 meeting with chemical and materials engineering department chair and professor Dr. Lisa Axe. 

Bilgili and Axe addressed chemical engineering students’ concerns of wanting more study groups and general exam preparations available outside of classes. Bilgili plans to implement specific hours for each course in the lounge for NJIT’s Chapter of American Institute of Chemical Engineers. 

Bilgili shared future events being planned such as a faculty board meeting scheduled for the first week of February or March and an Industry Fair & Professional Workshop planned for early February. 

Finally, Sriya Jidugu, second-year biochemistry student and major representative, had the last senator report presentation. The report covered her Nov. 6 meeting with Dr. Bhavani Balasubramanian. 

She talked about a few errors on the NJIT Chemistry Department website that were recently fixed as well as a Discord being created for the Chemistry & Environmental Science department where all students will be able to chat and connect. 

Jidugu also talked about plans for future events such as a welcoming event to help incoming classes transition and integrate into the department more effectively. She also discussed wanting to have a peer mentor program where upperclassmen would pair up with other students to better support them. 

On Jan. 24, the Senate had the pleasure of meeting with three new candidates for three vacant positions: civil engineering representative, Albert Dorman Honors College representative, and the vice president of finance. Jelani Blow, second-year civil engineering student, became the representative for his major. Giovanni Olaya, first-year civil engineering major, was given the Albert Dorman Honors College representative position. Finally, Nahomy Zuniga, second-year financial technology major, became the new vice president of finance. 

There was also a discussion regarding the Student Organizations Bylaws. The new changes were made under part VII of the bylaws, New Student Organization Process. Steps 4, 5, and 6 were addressed and altered to better clarify the processes of club approvals and decision-making. 

There are still vacant positions available for the semester. Check out www.njitsenate.org to see which positions need representatives — there are at least 20 positions up for grabs. 

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