NJIT’s Parking Issue

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NJIT’s Parking Issue

3,698 Student Permits Issued | 2,968 Parking Spaces Available

At NJIT, commuter students who drive to school typically utilize the parking deck service offered to them. There are two parking decks available to students; the older deck is located on Summit Street and the newer deck is located on Wilsey Street.

Each semester, students have the option of purchasing a parking permit. Full-time students pay $325, part-time students pay $182, and resident students pay $490 for a parking permit. 

NJIT students have varying opinions regarding the quality of the parking deck. On one hand, some students see the parking deck as an inadequate service that could use renovation and expansion.

Mahenoor Shaikh, a Biomedical Engineering major, ardently expressed, “In the beginning of the school year my car was hit!” She went on to describe the numerous scrapes and dents that her forest green 2006 Honda Odyssey has collected since the beginning of the 2017 fall semester. She warned her fellow commuters by stating, “Choose the safest spot.” To add to her list of grievances, she conveyed how, in September, she was stuck in the Summit Street parking deck for over half an hour waiting for the vehicles to clear out. Shaikh is dissatisfied but will continue to be a parking deck user.

Facility Systems representatives cautioned that although more parking permits have been issued than spaces available, there is normal daily turnover in the parking lots.

David Liu, an Engineering Science freshman, is in agreeance with the NJIT Facility Systems representatives. A satisfied customer, Liu said,  “The parking overall at NJIT is pretty good since they have several parking areas that have a sufficient amount of parking spaces.” He is a user of the newer parking deck on Wilsey street. As a newly licensed driver, Liu finds it easier to drive in optimal conditions. He conveyed, “The new parking deck feels much safer than the old one since the lighting is much better, while the old one has very dim lighting.”

Furthermore, other students including Asma Elgouz, a Chemical Engineering major, are content with the current parking resources available to NJIT students. Elgouz, a commuter from Northern Jersey stated, “I really don’t think parking is a huge problem here because you are always bound to find a spot. People are always coming in and leaving and there are so many spots so it’s not that hard, to be honest.” She chuckled and went on to state, “Rutgers has it way harder.”


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