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Horoscopes 4th Issue


Aries: Funny story, people seem to want to make fun of you, this week. Don’t press back and defend yourself in these situations, try to quarter-circle with your own counters and turn your frown upside down! You’re only making things worse if you let things get worse. Remember that the Wheels of Fate are Turning. Rebel 1, Let’s Rock!

Taurus: Like in Smash Bros, you can’t always stay outside of the brawl. This week might challenge you, dramatically. Like the appearance of a smash ball, your social problems will go haywire. When in doubt, remember that even in life, you have an up+B. Things will only get worse if you try to lie your way out of things.

Gemini: Luckily, there are no chainsaw wielding crazy grandmas, but that doesn’t mean you can stand in one place. Like Leon S. Kennedy, you have a lot of tools at your disposal. Not using those tools will leave you in a situation that’ll make you wish zombies were attacking! Remember, those typewriters don’t always have unlimited ribbons.

Cancer: Life obviously isn’t sugar and rainbows but that doesn’t mean you can’t think it isn’t! Yes, things aren’t Crystal clear right now, neither is the cat across the street as cute as a chocobo, but gosh darn it, you’re going to shine as bright as a destined Warrior of Light!

Leo: Before you double press that down button on your dance pad called life to make things harder, just because things seem simple now doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Make sure what you’re doing is the right decision before you start playing Max 300 at 3x the speed.

Virgo: As much as you like rushing down mid towards the enemy nexus for one last push in life, stay vigilant. Getting a little cocky at the end of completing your goals will leave you defeated at the end of everything.

Libra: When constructing thousands of kbots at your main factory facilities on your home planet are good and all but remember to add some variety to your forces. You can live your life as if there is only one purpose to all of it. However, think about trying something new. It’s going to pay off in the end. Like an enemy commander being successfully blown up by a moon you attached thrusters to.

Scorpio: Sometimes friends can become as distant as captured ships in Galaga. That doesn’t mean they have to stay distant. Shoot a text or call. Before you know it, you’ll be swimming in 1-ups.

Sagittarius: It’s great having a good work ethic but of course, it’s definitely as boring as grinding for that next set of gear you need to finish those quest requirements. Take a break and smell the roses, you don’t want to hate work since that’s all your life is going to be, anyway.

Capricorn: You have a great team for your next raid. Though I’m sorry to say this, you’re still going to have a tough time against those mobs. Variety is great, but if you don’t keep things focused, you aren’t doing your team favors by keeping things thin.

Aquarius: That next trap card could spell disaster. But, will it? Be willing to take a few risks this week. Maybe the heart of the cards are in your favor and you can draw that Pot of Greed to get that final Exodia piece you’ve been waiting for.

Pisces: Yes, sometimes you might want to go nuts and throw meteors at the world but seriously, it isn’t like you can wield a 40 foot katana while flying with only one wing. Take a chill pill. Next thing this world needs is another spikey haired, big sworded, military wannabe trying to split friends apart.

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