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What to stream this week: Family Films


Thanksgiving is coming up. That means it’s time for the whole family to get together and for the kids to undoubtedly begin hogging the Netflix queue. Instead of slouching back and doing whatever you should be working on, why not share the screen with the rest of the family, and watch something together? Here are some great family friendly movies to watch.

Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch is one of Disney’s greatest modern animated films. For those who haven’t seen it, Lilo & Stitch follows a young Hawaiian girl named Lilo who, after wishing for a friend, meets and adopts Stitch, a cuddly alien outlaw who is hiding on Earth from his clumsy would be captors.

Although the movie looks like a fun, colorful cartoon, it has some serious drama. Lilo is an orphan living with her sister Nani, who is struggling to support the both of them. The movie not only focuses on the friendship between Lilo and Stitch, but also Nani’s struggle to keep her family together. Lilo & Stitch is, by all means, a beautiful and heartfelt film.

Lilo & Stitch is available on Netflix,

The Emperor’s New Groove (Disney Movie)

The Emperor’s New Groove is a really interesting movie with a unique story. Originally titled “Kingdom of the Sun,” the movie was supposed to be a Prince and the Pauper-esque tale about the Mayan king. This quickly changed when the movie began production, and it turned into the colorful and well animated story of a selfish narcissistic king who transforms into a llama.

The Emperor’s New Groove is definitely a great, yet underrated movie. It employs a lot of slapstick humor and gags for the kids, but also has some really good adult jokes scattered throughout the film’s duration. It’s a lot like Shrek in its disposition.

The Emperor’s New Groove is available on Netflix

Avatar: The Legend of Korra (TV Show)

A few years ago, the original Avatar: The last Airbender emerged on Nick. The original show, which was inspired by Asian culture and anime, became a huge sensation and received praise for its humor and story. The show ended after an amazing three seasons, and a few years later its spinoff, The Legend of Korra, was born.

It’s difficult to go about your day without hearing about TLoK. The show, although it missed its mark amongst the ages of 8-12, became a huge hit with the teenage and Young Adult crowd. Unlike its predecessor, the Legend of Korra focused on a more political setting with steampunk and industrial themes.

The show follows Avatar Korra, someone who has control over all the elements, in a world where people can bend elements to their will with magic. Korra struggles to defeat the various would be conquerors and restore balance to the world. The Legend of Korra gets very dramatic at times, and the character development throughout its run is phenomenal.

The actual show has had some speed bumps; the show changed art studios along the way, as well as a shifted from television broadcasting to online distribution. Either way, it’s sure to please both young and old viewers with a beautifully rendered world and amazing fights and characters.

Legend of Korra is available on the Nickelodeon website where new episodes debut every Friday, as well as on Amazon Prime

In last week’s issue I made a mistake in writing that Clerks was filmed in Redbank. Clerks was actually filmed at the Quik Stop in Leonardo NJ, while Kevin Smith’s comic book shop and home are in Redbank.

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